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Jeep Renegade Seat Covers

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Best Selling Renegade Seat Covers

Explore our diverse seat cover collection made specifically for your Jeep Renegade. Opt for Neosupreme for a comfortable feel, Cordura for durability and waterproofing, or Kryptek for a stylish touch. For those looking to make a statement and express their individuality, browse through our range of eye-catching camouflage designs.

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Installation Is Easy!

Installs in less than 30 minutes! Press play to view an example of a Neosupreme Seat Cover installation video.

Press play to view an example of a Neosupreme Seat Cover installation video.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have pets, you typically want to have a seat cover with a durable canvas weave that’s also waterproof. Some of seat covers that fit that description include:

  • Cordura
  • Realtree Camo
  • Kryptek Camo
  • Sirphis Camo


The answer depends on your needs. If you waterproofing or durability is at the top of your requirements, then we would recommend Cordura. If you want a stretchy  and great fitting seat cover, then we recommend neosupreme. If you make long drives and need some additional padding and comfort, we recommend sheepskin seat covers. If you need more help, simply send us a message using the chat box found on the bottom right of your screen.

Yes, all our seat covers work with heated seats. It might take a few extra minutes for the seat cover to warm up before you feel the heat.

Yes, many seat covers are washable, but with custom fit seat covers, it takes about an hour to remove and reinstall them. To save time and effort, it’s best to spot clean when you can. If you do need to use a washing machine, be sure to hang dry them afterward, as machine drying could make the covers shrink and not fit properly when you put them back on.

Yes, all of our seat covers for Cherokees are designed to accommodate airbags. These include a hidden cutout or unique stitching to let the airbag deploy without interferance.

Putting our seat covers on your Renegade is easy. You can usually do the front seats in less than an hour. Rear seats might take a bit longer but typically also about an hour. Check out our Seat Cover Installation Videos here for examples of how it is done.

Yes, our seat covers allow you to use power and manual seat controls and fold-down armrests without obstruction. 

Each product has its own shipping and manufacturing times, they are listed in the product description FAQ section near the bottom of each product page. Typically you are looking at 1-3 weeks for all products we offer. 

We can help you with that, simply use the chat button on the bottom right hand side of your screen and we can walk you through some options. 

Why Buy Seat Covers?

  • Protect Against Kids and Pets
  • Preserve Resale Value
  • Easier to Clean
  • Makeover – Customize the Appearance
  • Cover Up Existing Damage
  • Waterproofing
  • Increase Comfort
  • Prevent Scorching Hot Seats
  • Carpool Duty
  • Prep for Hunting Season

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our customers had to say...
Donald L.
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
I've been looking for seat covers for my 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4XE Sahara for a couple of months. I have 2 Huskies and a 2 year old. I wanted something that would be durable enough to handle my hectic li...
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1 month ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
Well worth the money. They're seat covers, not new seats, so set your expectations appropriately. Good quality material. Front install was easy because installation video shows you procedure. No v...
Show More
2 months ago
Terry F.
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
First of all I searched everywhere to find red Hawaiian seatcovers. Finally found this website. Thought awhile about them and decided to order the front seat covers. I was contacted to ensure I was o...
Show More
3 months ago
Jerry Nelson
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
Could not be more pleased with the look, quality and fit of the seat covers. The comfort and the reduction of road noise is great. Sure glad I found them. The shipping was fast! Thank you for a great ...
Show More
5 months ago
Sean H.
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
There were a lot of choices online for less expensive seat covers and I’m so glad I didn’t buy them. These high quality Hawaiian seat covers are impressive. They look sharp and fit like a glove. My ...
Show More
5 months ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Seat covers are awesome, look good and fit is great.

7 months ago

Why Choose Jeep Seat Covers?

We’re not the only ones selling seat covers, but we stand out by offering top-notch, custom-made options from trusted manufacturers. We work with reliable suppliers to bring you the best fabrics. What makes us cool? We double-check your seats with photos you send, so we nail the fit the first time – no hassle for you!

First Time Ordering Seat Covers?

Read This to Learn How it Works...
jeep wrangler 2023 kryptek camo seat covers
Step 1: Choose Your Seat Cover Fabric

Start by choosing one of the fabrics we offer. Click here to view all the seat cover types. 

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Step 2: Choose Color and Seat Type
  • Choose a Color: The colors we offer are available in the drop down. 
  • Choose Your Vehicle:  Select the seats that closest match what you have. 
rubicon seats
Step 3: Upload Photos To Guarantee Fitment (Optional)

The last optional step you can take is to simply upload photos. You can text photos to 1-833-709-1888 or use our photo upload tool

Neosupreme Sale!

Get our Neosupreme Seat Covers for only $299.99 per row, a guaranteed perfect fit for your Jeep.