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Seat Identifier

Use this Photo Submission Tool to Verify your Jeep Seats

Let us determine the exact model and seating of your Jeep for you. Simply submit photos of your vehicle and we’ll provide you with the information.

Photos are required if you wish to use our fitment guarantee, in which we guarantee the custom seat covers will fit right on your seats or we will provide a free exchange.

Quick Guide to Taking Proper Seat Photos

rubicon seats
1. Take pictures far enough away to capture the entire seat...
It's important that we see the headrests, backrest, seat cushion, and the electric or manual seat controls if any. If you do not have enough space, simply shoot multiple images to capture the entire seat.
2. Take photos from both the drivers side and passenger side of the car...
We need to be able to see the seats from both sides of the car. Make sure we can see the passenger seat in its entirety by capturing the headrests, bottom cushion, and seat controls.
jeep wrangler side shot
3. If you are ordering more than 1 row or seat, be sure to capture photos of each row or seat
Ensuring we see photos for every row will prevent making a mistake on the 2nd row.
If you have a 2018 or later Wrangler, take a photo of the rear of the front seats
Some newer wranglers have a built in Molle storage system and they can affect the fitment of the seat covers. Therefore we ask that you snap a photo of the rear of the front seats
wrangler rubicon rear of seats
wrangler rear seats
5. If you are ordering for a rear row...
It is important we can see where the 60/40 splits are if any and also if you have any fold down armrests. Pictures of the rear row are most helpful if you take them from the middle of the front seats looking back towards the seats such as in this photo example.
6. Ensure there are no existing seat covers or items blocking the view
We will not be able to verify the seat if you have baggy seat covers over top or items that block the view of fold down armrests, cupholders, or other important pieces.